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PPM Application-Azalea Lockwood by 887pink PPM Application-Azalea Lockwood by 887pink
[[✧Human Stats✧]]
Name: Azalea Lockwood
Gender: Female
Birthdate: May/29
Current Age: 17
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Student

Father:  Charles Lockwood
Mother: Clara Lockwood
Siblings: None

Romantic Partner: None
Offspring: None

[[✧Pokemon Partner Stats✧]]
Pokemon: Milotic
Nickname:  Victoria
Current Level: 39

Nature: Hasty
Ability:Marvel Scale-”When this Pokemon becomes burned, poisoned (including Toxic), paralyzed, frozen or put to sleep (including self-induced sleep via Rest), its Defense receives a 50% boost.” 
✖Twister-”May cause flinching. Hits Pokémon using Fly/Bounce with double power.”
✖Water Pulse-”May confuse opponent.”
✖Recover-”User recovers 50% of its max HP.” 
✖ Hyper Beam-”User must recharge next turn.”
(information on moves quoted from

Battle Stats:.

Attack: 6/10
Defense: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Sp. Attack: 10/10
Sp. Defense: 10/10

Divison:   Good Magica
Wish: To be able to defend herself.The wish granted her strength, but in stressful situations she  is unable to control it and often ends up hurting people. In exchange for this her pain tolerance dropped significantly and so she is injured easily. 
Weapon: throwing knives
Rank: beginner 

Azalea is a very logically thinking person, she tries to think with her head although on occasion her heart does win out. She can be outgoing but for the most part she knows when to shut up. She is very responsible and when she gives her word she means it. She can be hot headed though and tends to get in fights over trivial things. Overall she tries to be as optimistic as possible and keeps herself in a good mood no matter what's happening. She also loves her family more than anything, even if they don't know it.
As a magical girl she is always doing her best to think strategically but if she gets too into it she can be dangerous to herself because she starts to become more passionate then mindful. She has very little experience fighting but is fairly strong thanks to her wish. She tends to be quite loud and mouthy though, which can be quite a downfall when she is fighting.

 Azalea grew up with her mother and father, they were quite close and always put aside time to be a family, it was a happy environment for her and she grew up with a pretty happy life in  fact she considers her earliest memories to be her happiest. When she started school she never was really particularly popular, but then she wasn't hated and had a few close friends. One day when she was in grade six a stranger came up to her and tried to kidnap her, fortunately a few strangers noticed and helped her get away. From that day on she was afraid of it happening again, she tried to become stronger but knew with her size she wouldn't be able to defend herself from a serious threat. So she got through life scared but didn't tell anyone, her friends knew she was jumpy but other then that she never let her fear show. One day a mysterious looking pokemon showed up in her open window, it offered her a wish. Of course Azalea was scared but she knew this was the only chance to feel safe and so she wished to be able to defend herself. Unfortunately later that evening Azalea got in an argument with her mother over a bad test. It escalated quickly and before she knew it Azalea had pushed her mother out the window of their fourth floor apartment. Her mother was not killed but was put in serious condition in the hospital. She felt horrible and the situation became even worse when she faced her father. When her father talked to her he didn't yell, he only told her one sentence. "You better be out of my house by dawn, monster." She knew from that point on she would never be accepted by any of her family. Fortunately she had enough money saved up to rent an apartment and was able to find a part-time job where she could make enough to live off with a bit to spare. She has a working relationship with Victoria, they love each other very much but they don't have any experience fighting together.
✖Student at Lumiose Academy


[[✧User Info✧]]
TimeZone:  Mountain Standard
Chat Availability: I Should be able to be post or reply at least once a day but more then that most days.
Role-Play example:
Azalea heard the clacking of her heels hitting the sidewalk as she left her house, dragging a suitcase on the ground and a garbage bag over her shoulder. She looked to her side to see her exhausted friend Victoria slithering down the street next to her. She felt thankful for her pokemon, even though she didn't have her family she still had someone and that could keep a smile on her face. As she continued down the sidewalk she started to talk to herself, "Well, what's done's done, might as well forget this happened and live without regrets right Victoria?" She heard a agreeing "Miii," come from her left. She knew she couldn't live without regretting today but she could go on in spite of it and if anyone asked, she could pretend that it never happened. Azalea knew she wasn't a bad person but she did need to be more careful from now on.
Azalea started looking up at the numbers of the houses. "Looks like we're almost there!" She looked down at the address she had gotten from the landlord she had called, it was nice that she was up so early. When Azalea looked back up from her paper she saw a fairly average looking apartment in front of her, she walked towards it seeing that the address matched the one in her hand. When she got to it she pushed the front door open with her back and set her bag down. She pressed the button the landlord had told her. After a few seconds a response came through the speaker. "C'mon up!" a cheery voice responded and the door opened in front of her
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